Our Guesthouse

Our family run, traditional guest house is situated in Monodendri. We want all our guests to witness the meaning of the "Philoxenia" (the Greek word hospitality). "Philoxenia", literally translated as "friend to a stranger", was in ancient Greece a virtue of the highest ranking. We are proud to continue this ancient tradition of showing generosity and courtesy to those who are far from home.

  • At the exterior of the guesthouse there is also a private parking.
  • Free WiFi Internet
  •  Photos from the guesthouse:


Σημεία ενδιαφέροντος - Points of interest

   Ξενώνας ΛΑΔΙΑΣ LADIAS Guesthouse


  --> Κάντε κλικ στο αστεράκι για να ανοίξει μια λίστα με τα σημεία ενδιαφέροντος
Οργανώνονται ημερήσιες εκδρομές σε όλα τα αξιοθέατα της περιοχής (βλ. χάρτη).
Οργανώνονται πεζοπορικές διαδρομές σε όλα τα μονοπάτια της περιοχής. (βλ.χάρτη)
(* Ελάχιστη συμμετοχή 2 άτομα)

  --> Click on the yellow star to see a list of the points of interest
We can organize daily visits to all the points of interest (see map below)
We can escort and guide you to any of the numerous trails and paths in the region(see map below)
(* Participation of at least 2 persons required to organize a trek or daily visit)